Why Asia Restoration?

If I say our country is subordinate country of America, reaction from the people who heard it would be split into pro and con. But if one country which is allowed for autonomy in terms of internal issues but their national security is dependent on foreign country would be called not so much subordinate as protectorate, Japan has to be called protectorate of America because we are dependent on America in terms of national security according to the treaty between two countries.

Current situation stemmed from the defeat of Japan in WW2 and enforcement of America more than 65 years ago, now it seems as if Japanese are hoping to sustain such subordinate status, especially at the time neighboring China has been emerging as a military threat which is fostering public opinion to strengthen the relation with America.

But as I will explain in this blog, every country in hisitory which had fallen into the notion to protect them by getting on the bandwagon of hegemonic states have faced severe hardship for decline of the country. You can take the tragedy of Ri dynasty in Korea and Qing dynasty in China for examples. Though our fathers at the time witnessed and might had made mockery of their tragedy, troubled Korean and Chinese, it is the irony of history that this time we Japanese are facing the crisis of same kind.

As mentioned before, the current LDP government and the majority of people in Japan are insisting on containing China by allying with America. But this way of thinking is contradiction. It is true China is a threat by all means, but that is not because China is too strong but because Japan is too weak. In general, it is quite natural that the more a country becomes rich, the more the country becomes strong as well. But it has been quite unnatural that Japan neglected the right to become strong even after he became rich. And the country which has transformed our country into such a weak state is nothing but America with whom we are going to ally to contain China.

Besides, it is true that China is threatening the sovereignty of our country but he has not actually violated it, which means he is no more than‘covert’ threat for us. But as for America, he has already imposed a unequal treaty on us by which he has been deploying American troops in Japan and also exploiting some billions of dollar from Japanese people every year in order to maintain their influence which is ‘overt’threat for the sovereignty.

In addition that current unequal treaty between the two countries secures the extra territoriality right of US troop, nowadays American is attempting to derive tariff autonomy right from Japanese government by way of TPPA, Trance Pacific Partnership Agreement. This means that our country is coming back to the edge when we were put under same subordinate condition by Western Europe since Admiral Peru coerced Tokugawa government to sign the unequal treaty more than 150 years ago. Thus, as a matter of fact, the essential threat which we are facing is rather American than China. As long as Japan remains in a position of subordinate country of America, China would be recognized as eternal threat for us. But if we are already controlled by America, it doesn’t make sense to alert the intention of China to control our country.

It goes without saying that the peace in international society can be secured only by balance of power between countries. But in the reality that the military spending of America is more than total sum of all other countries, the Japan-US alliance only results in further unbalance of power which might be the cause of war against China and has been the cause of wars in human history as well.

Therefore what we, Japanese, have to achieve first and foremost is to get out of the current subordinate status toward America as their protectorate and restore the authentic independence not only in terms of body but in terms of mind of the nation. Historically, whenever our ancestor faced in crisis, this mind of our nation had been restored by solemnly giving our whole life to the Emperor who gave life to us. And based on this solid foundation, we have to proceed to reconstruct the relations between countries in Asia to make the order in which all countries coexist in peace and prosperity without any hegemonic intervention from the West, America in particular. This is why I named this blog as Asia Restoration.

Lastly, let me introduce one Japanese philosopher who played a pioneering role in Pan Asian movement in the late 19th century. His name is Toukichi Tarui(1850-1922) who is known as the author of the book titled‘ Daitou Gappou Ron’ meaning great unification of Asia. In this book, he insisted for the Asian big three, Japan, China and Korea to unite to resist Western Imperialism. There after,Kim Ok-gyun(1851-1894) who was impressed of his book attempted a coup to reform politics is Korea who had been subordinate to Qing China as Japan is to America today but resulted in complete failure. This event can be said the origin of Korean tragedy in modern history from which we have to learn a lesson so as not to repeat it.