Why ‘ Asia Restoration’ ? 4

It goes without saying that the peace in international society can be secured only by balance of power between countries. But in the reality that the military spending of America is more than total sum of all other countries, the Japan-US alliance only results in further unbalance of power which might be the cause of war against China and has been the cause of wars in human history as well.

Therefore what we, Japanese, have to achieve first and foremost is to get out of the current subordinate status toward America as their protectorate and restore the authentic independence not only in terms of body but in terms of mind of the nation. Historically, whenever our ancestor faced in crisis, this mind of our nation had been restored by solemnly giving our whole life to the Emperor who gave life to us. And based on this solid foundation, we have to proceed to reconstruct the relations between countries in Asia to make the  order in which all countries coexist in peace and prosperity without any hegemonic intervention from the West, America in particular. This is why I named this blog as Asia Restoration.

Lastly, let me introduce one Japanese philosopher who played a pioneering role in Pan Asian movement in the late 19th century. His name is Toukichi Tarui(1850-1922) who is known as the author of the book titled‘ 大東合邦論(Daitou Gappou Ron)’meaning great unification of Asia. In this book, he insisted for the Asian big three, Japan, China and Korea to unite to resist  Western Imperialism. There after,Kim Ok-gyun(1851-1894) who was impressed of his book attempted a coup to reform politics is Korea who had been subordinate to Qing China as Japan is to America today but resulted in complete failure. This event can be said the origin of Korean tragedy in modern history from which we have to learn a lesson so as not to repeat it.

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