Is Mr. Abe really conservative?

For us, Japanese, China and Korea are not so much  threat rather than that of United States which is actually ruling our mother land. But most of Japanese media, especially including Sankei group which is regarding themselves as conservative is only highlighting the threat from China and Korea, while they close their eyes on American rule of our country, then deceiving people in Japan.

Before Mr. Abe became Prime Minister, he was criticizing Democratic party, the then ruling party, which he called subordinate to China and insisting every Prime Minister should visit Yasukuni shrine in order to pray for martyr who died for the nation. But by far since he became Prime Minister, he had never visited  Yasukuni shrine. Besides, regarding what is called comfort  women during World War Second, despite he was denying the fact that Japanese Army was enforcing the prostitution, now he changed his stance so as not to show his own opinion and to avoid criticize from the left wing.

If the person who had been calling for restoring dignity of the nation  doesn’t engage in abolishment of Kouno statements which is notorious for blaspheming dignity of the nation. That follows he had cheated people who voted for him and betrayed the nation.

It  is likely that the reason why  Mr. Abe toned down  his conservative policy is American pressure on him. He might been averting the anger of America by going  too far regarding Yasukuni shrine and comfort women. But if that is true, he is obedient and mean enough to be called  Vice Roy of Japan, puppet of  United States.

Now I dare to ask. Is he capitalizing on nationalistic sentiment of Japanese and strengthen the influence of American by which conserving not national interest, but his own interest? It is hard to believe, but it is hard to deny.

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