Why ‘Asia Restoration’? 3

Besides, it is true that China is threatening the sovereignty of our country but he has not actually violated it, which means he is no more than‘covert’ threat for us. But as for America, he has already imposed a unequal treaty on us by which he has been deploying American troops in Japan and also exploiting some billions of dollar from Japanese people every year in order to maintain their influence which is ‘overt’threat for the sovereignty.

In addition that  current unequal treaty between the two countries secures the extra territoriality right of US troop, nowadays American is attempting to derive tariff autonomy right from Japanese government by way of TPPA, Trance Pacific Partnership Agreement. This means that our country is coming back to the edge when we were put under same subordinate condition by Western Europe since Admiral Peru coerced Tokugawa government to sign the unequal treaty more than 150 years ago. Thus, as a matter of fact, the essential threat which we are facing is rather American than China. As long as Japan remains in a position of subordinate country of America, China would be recognized as eternal threat for us. But if we are already controlled by America, it doesn’t make sense to alert the intention of China to control our country.

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