Why ‘Asia Restoration’? 2

But as I will explain below, every country in hisitory which had fallen into the notion to protect them by getting on the bandwagon of hegemonic states have faced severe hardship for decline of the country. You can take the tragedy of Ri dynasty in Korea and Qing dynasty in China for examples. Though our fathers at the time witnessed and might had made mockery of their tragedy, troubled Korean and Chinese, it is the irony of history that this time we Japanese are facing the crisis of same kind.

As mentioned before, the current LDP government and the majority of people in Japan are insisting on containing China by allying with America. But this way of thinking is contradiction. It is true China is a threat by all means, but that is not because China is too strong but because Japan is too weak. In general, it is quite natural that the more a country becomes rich, the more the country becomes strong as well. But it has been quite unnatural that Japan neglected the right to become strong even after he became rich. And the country which has transformed our country into such a weak state is nothing but America with whom we are going to ally to contain China.

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